Ag Service Team Role: Ag & Hedging Services

01 May 2020

Bert Farrish

Bert Farrish is an agricultural executive and leader on a global scale. His experience ranges from U.S. grain operations and trading, global grain export, grain processing, production agriculture, food, technology and bioenergy. Bert has served as President of Columbia Grain, Inc., CEO of LifeLine Foods, CEO of Everton Energy, and CEO of Big River Rice and Grain. Bert served at USDA during the George W. Bush administration as Deputy Administrator of Commodity Operations, FSA. He oversaw the U.S. Warehouse Act, various commodity programs, and CCC operations. He was raised on a cotton and soybean farm in the Mississippi Delta and graduated from Mississippi State University. Bert and his wife Lana live in Franklin, TN where he enjoys time with his grandchildren.

14 Nov 2019

Robert Preston

Rob Preston joined The Memphis, TN Branch of RCM Ag Services as an Associated Person (AP), in April of 2016, where he works with the Agriculture Hedging and Trading Operations Team. He brings over 35 years of experience in the commodities, futures and equities markets. Mr. Preston was a long time Associated Person with McVean Trading & Investments, A Futures Commission Merchant, (“FCM”) located in Memphis, TN.(1990-2015), and was formerly a Registered Representative of Hilltop Securities, a Registered Broker/Dealer based in Dallas, TX. (1994-2015). Prior to that he worked as a Registered Representative and Commodity Broker for Shearson, Lehman Hutton and Merrill Lynch. Mr. Preston graduated from Southern Methodist University, (“SMU”) in 1982 with a Bachelors Degree in Economics. He has been married to Suzanne D. Preston for 32 years and has 4 children and 1 grandchild.

14 Nov 2019

Jody Lawrence

Jody began his career as an accountant after receiving a degree from Memphis State University in 1989. Shortly after, Jody started working with farmers on business and marketing plans which ultimately led to the founding of Strategic Trading Advisors in 1999, a consulting brokerage firm with a well followed daily newsletter. Jody’s musings on Ag markets now attract more than 5,500 farmers across 33 states, opening up a tremendous network of Ag specialists across the grain and meats complex for which Jody to draw upon in assisting select clients in structuring agricultural hedging via the futures and options markets.