Commercial Agriculture

We utilize our independent standing, national producer reach, and tech partnerships to bring our commercial agriculture customers best in class tools and resources to improve efficiency, increase revenues, and generate more customer volume.

Why RCM Ag For Your Commercial Agriculture Process

As a commercial agriculture business, your focus should be on growing your enterprise while provide the tools to improve your operations, make more money, make your life easier, and modernize your business.


Make Your Operation Better

We provide you with access to tools and products to improve your business. Use our custom pricing tool to get the most for your crop, use structured products and swaps, gain new customers with new products and technology platforms, and whitelabel (like the big boys do) products such as offer enhancers and accumulators.

Make You More Money

Who doesn’t want to make more money? Through RCM Ag services your operation can share in markup on products, improve risk management, achieve better FCM clearing rates, and produce more bushels = more revenue.

Modernize Your Operation to Make Your Life Easier

Let our professionals provide you with daily and weekly market commentary and research, access our AutoHedge tool to instantly place hedges upon accepting and offer, connect with our reliable 24-hour trade desk, utilize the Basis Tool to see local and national basis levels, tap into our pricing tool to check out local and national prices, and share our pre-designed educational resource to better educate your staff and clients.

Get Onboard With Technology

Easily manage basis contracts, HTA’s, and standard OTC contracts

Only your customers get to see your prices

Let your farmer customers transact with you online with zero slippage risk

They don’t get notified that they’ve sold you grain until you’re filled on the hedge

Easily manage smaller quantities of grain with our hedge parameters

You decide when to hedge – at 2,500 bushels, 5,000 bushels, etc. You set the limits

Manage your cash bids and your futures all in one system

No need to pay multiple platform fees – included in RCM clearing(*volume dependent)

Are your farmers using apps like Bushel or QT Nova?

Farmer facing commercial agriculture platform integrates with other mobile apps, so you don’t have to manage multiple interfaces

  • Elevator and Producer connected to each other on Basis via technology 
  • All directly connected to each other via the Exchange (CME Group)
  • Elevator Risk Manager in control of all the above

Our Technology Platform


Did you know that by 2050, the world is expected to feed almost 2 billion more people than we do today? As the global population continuously rises, a significant amount of food will need to be produced over the next 30 years.