Futures Hedging

Farmers and producers have special needs that our experienced Hedging/Ag Trading team have been working through with clients for years. Improve your hedging strategy by making use of RCM’s market analysis and discussing hedge solutions with our local experienced agricultural advisors.

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Corn Soybeans Soft Red Winter Wheat
Hard Red Winter Wheat Hard Red Spring Wheat Cotton
Rough Rice Oats Canola
Lean Hogs Live Cattle Feeder Cattle
Lumber Sunflowers and many others

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Stay on top of all of the futures hedging news affecting today’s corn, soybean, and wheat markets with RCM Ag Services.


Our futures hedging team syncs your needs with the abilities of multiple FCMs/Prime Brokers (mixing and matching capacity, market coverage, credit ratings and more) to create a custom, cost effective solution across FCMs, replacing multiple contacts and layers of bureaucracy at brokers and banks with single point of contact to manage it all.