Crop Marketing

Why Crop Marketing?

A modern crop marketing plan uses multiple tools across the entire crop cycle, using futures, options, and forward cash sales to “hedge” or lock in desired prices during the growing season, and then work with regional buyers to set basis, arrange transport, and get paid for your crop after harvest.

Carefully monitoring both price and basis can allow producers to lock-in prices and protect against market risk. The establishment of prices in advance of cash purchases and sales enables firms to manage their costs, revenue, and ultimately their profit.

Farm operations are unique and require customized marketing plans:

  • Differing production yields
  • Multiple crops & rotations needs
  • Storage Capacity
  • Cost inputs & Crop Insurance

How we get there

Financial planning & analysis custom to your farm
Market analysis mapped to your farm
Market strategies & crop booking unique to your farm
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Quantify target prices
  • Dedicated personal contact
  • Market price reports
  • Basis
  • Stress testing, what-if matrix, & risk analysis
  • Crop booking report & monitoring

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