Farm Software

There’s an increasing amount of technology on the farm these days with GPS, Drones, agronomy advancements, and more assisting producers in maximizing yield. But using technology to analyze the marketing of your grain with an eye towards maximizing farm profitability is as important as ever to a long term and successful business. With RCM AG Services Farm Management technology setting up every inch of your farm across multiple crops and growing areas; you will know how your input costs, current prices, and current hedges and sales affect your bottom line each and every day.


Organize production plans, budget and cash flow


Track marketing, including cash, futures, and options, current markets are updated daily


Stress test with the ``What-if Analyzer``


Streamlined reports provide financial clarity

Micro-manage production by inputting estimated production yields field-by-field


  • Track over 60 grain and cash crops

Cotton, livestock, corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, sunflowers, peanuts, and more


  • Beef

Finish, background, cow/calf

  • Hogs


  • Dairy

Milk production

Crop Insurance

  • Integrate specific crop insurance by whole farm, field-by-field
  • USDA prices are imported to establish guaranteed bushels and revenue
  • Guaranteed bushels are incorporated into cash marketing


  • Customized Planning Tool

Fixed and variable expenses

Off-farm income

Break-even analysis

  • Establish benchmarks return
  • Estimates to actuals
  • Establish and market to profit goals


  • Planning

Detailed budget analysis

Cash flow summary

  • Risk Management

Profit analysis

Revenue summary

  • Bank Templates

Auto-filled reports to show lender

Integrate directly with bank upon request

Manage Marketing & Hedges

Manage Cash Sales

  • % Sold vs unsold
  • Contract Type
  • Delivery
  • Sort, filter & print

Track Futures & Options

  • Auto import hedge trades
  • Calculate % hedged
  • Group by strategy
  • Daily marked to market P&L

What-If Matrix stress test

  • Run on-demand scenarios including futures, yield and insurance projections
  • Understand the value of crop insurance and protection
  • Visually see market changes and affect on overall cash and brokerage positions
  • Create financial clarity amidst multiple unknowns