The Hedged Edge Makes Top 25 Agricultural Podcasts on the Web

The Hedged Edge Makes Top 25 Agricultural Podcasts on the Web

This week, Feedspot selected the Hedged Edge one of their best Agribusiness Podcasts on the web.

RCM Ag Services launched the Hedged Edge Podcast in late 2020, with the goal to provide market updates and bring an educational value to those interested in agriculture. The Hedged Edge delivers in-depth chats with the best and the brightest in the agribusiness, from industry experts like Elaine Kub and Dr. Scott Irwin to in the field specialists like Jody Lawrence and Ron Lawson.

Our pod provides an avenue for agriculture thought-leaders to give commentary and essential reports/forecasts on everything from cotton,  gran, lumber to planting intentions and quarterly stocks. So, in honor of this gracious recognition from Feedspot, let’s dive into The Hedged Edge’s Top-5 episodes (in no particular order):

Lumber Party: Sky High Prices and Dwindling Supply with Kyle Little of Sherwood Lumber

How can lumber prices shoot up nearly 300% in one year? Does it all come down to the Corona-push to homebuying, supply chain issues, environmental swings, all of the above, or none of it at all? We dig into all these questions and more with a lumber veteran, Kyle Little, to get the nitty-gritty explanations on why everyone is talking about lumber.

Acing Agriculture with Dr. Scott Irwin

Dr. Scott Irwin discusses his research on agricultural markets that is widely-cited by other academic researchers and is in high demand among market participants, policymakers, and the media — he also dives into 2021 and beyond, game changers in the ag market, Chinese demand, the USDA report, FarmDoc, and more.

The Fertilizer Forecast with Billy Dale Strader

For the past year, commodity prices have perpetually soared and continue to trend higher. We’re diving into the fertilizer forecast with a unique guest, Billy Dale Strader, a branch manager for Helena Agri-Enterprises in Russellville, KY., who is truly at the epicenter of the rising fertilizer prices.

Cotton Commodities & Options Trading w/ Ron Lawson

Ron’s experience in the agribusiness space spans over 4 decades giving him unique expertise of both agricultural business, and the business of agriculture. In this pod, Ron shares his knowledge on cotton commodities, options trading, “Lawson’s Laws,” and much more.

Agronomy 101 with (Professor) Greg Willoughby

Agronomy is one of the most important facets of agriculture since farming began. Everyone from the farmer to the producer to the elevator depends on the success of agronomist and their advice to the American Farmer – In this episode, one of the top agronomists in the industry, Greg Willoughby, talks about being a “plant doctor”, weather patterns, GMO & organic produce, crop history, technical advances, level 201 education on agronomy, and more.

If you liked our top-five pods, here are a few more that you didn’t know you needed to listen to until now. Check them out below!
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