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RCM Ag Services Cotton Newsletter provides a unique daily analysis of the current events affecting the world cotton market, exclusive research from cotton market veterans, market recommendations, and a look into how this all will affect the cotton market moving forward.

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Recent RCM Ag Services Cotton Newsletters

About the Cotton Team:

RCM Ag Services daily Cotton newsletter is provided to customers in partnership with LOGIC Investment Services LLC. LOGIC is a partnership of long-standing commodity industry experts Bill O’Neill, Ron Lawson, Peter Egli and Celeste Cordoni. Together they provide both strategic and tactical macro-economic guidance to major participants in the world’s commodity markets. Their trading style is defined by:

  • Identifying macro commodity trends.
  • Identifying fundamental trends of given market.
  • Identifying technical support and resistance of given market.
  • Defining optimal position on curve, using prevailing comparative pricing versus cost of carry.
  • Using Futures, Options and Spreads, obligate position to identified trend while limiting risk of counter-trend move.
  • Once positions are initiated, utilizing “Lawson’s Laws” of Option trading.
  • Exit position if warranted by changes in fundamental or technical analysis.


Mission Statement

“Lawson O’Neill Global Institutional Commodities Advisors LLC. endeavors -with transparency and accountability- to cautiously and conservatively utilize traditional fundamental and technical analysis to exploit price directional opportunities in the commodities and other markets. In doing so the Principals, with more than 100 years of combined Futures market experience, will actively administer strictly applied risk management techniques, while maintaining a goal of maximizing the returns of the limited partner’s investments.”

LOGIC founders Bill O’Neill and Ron Lawson are well-respected commodity professionals with long track records on the street. With many of Wall Street’s traditional investment houses exiting the commodity markets, LOGIC has filled the research void with a uniquely unbiased and responsive consulting service.

Meet Ron Lawson:

Ron Lawson
Ron Lawson