Ag Service Team Role: Regional Advisor

10 Aug 2020

Ron Lawson

A 5th generation Northern Californian, Ron has been involved in agriculture his entire life having grown up on his family’s dairy farm and cattle ranch. With nearly 50 years of experience, Ron has run the ag-gambit – from the garlic fields to the head of a cotton trading desk.

Ron’s experience in the Ag business started shortly after graduating from the University of California Davis in a B.S. in Livestock Production Management, where he was a Field Representative with McCormick Schilling. He eventually left McCormick moving to Gilroy, CA to manage the Christopher Ranch in Gilroy, CA and was one of the founding fathers of the internationally renowned Gilroy Garlic Festival. In 1982, Ron left the Garlic fields for Wall Street, starting in the San Jose office of Merrill Lynch as a Commodities and Futures Specialist and later transferred to the firm’s L.A. office, joining the Cotton trading desk in 1986 and later establishing and managing Merrill Lynch Futures’ Pacific Coast Futures Center eventually overseeing the firm’s 126 Commodity Brokers and Futures trading in the 17 western states. In early 2000, Ron accepted a position as the Head of the Cotton Trading Desk of Prudential Financial who later merged with non-commodity trading bank, Wachovia. The business got bigger than imagined, prompting Ron to establish LOGIC Advisors, a commodity research company, and SFO Commodities, a commodity futures & options trading firm and eventually merging with RCM Ag Services in 2020.

With more than four decades of vertical integration in worldwide agribusiness, from feedlots and furrows in the field, to the Futures trading pits of Wall Street and beyond, Ron has developed a unique understanding of both agricultural business, and the business of agriculture. His varied interests and scope of comprehension in the complexities of the practical, financial, and technological requirements for the process of taking agricultural conception to consumption, has resulted in a participation within a widely differentiated array of activities and investments. Ron’s expertise in the Ag business is nearly unmatched, and is now one of the most sought after cotton experts in the field and regularly puts out research with partner Bill O’Neill, Lawson/O’Neill Global Institutional Commodity Advisors consumed by banks, hedge funds, commodity companies, and large speculative traders around the globe.

01 May 2020

Bert Farrish

Bert Farrish is an agricultural executive and leader on a global scale. His experience ranges from U.S. grain operations and trading, global grain export, grain processing, production agriculture, food, technology and bioenergy. Bert has served as President of Columbia Grain, Inc., CEO of LifeLine Foods, CEO of Everton Energy, and CEO of Big River Rice and Grain. Bert served at USDA during the George W. Bush administration as Deputy Administrator of Commodity Operations, FSA. He oversaw the U.S. Warehouse Act, various commodity programs, and CCC operations. He was raised on a cotton and soybean farm in the Mississippi Delta and graduated from Mississippi State University. Bert and his wife Lana live in Franklin, TN where he enjoys time with his grandchildren.

13 Dec 2019

Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard is a 30+ year veteran in the commodities trading space. Brian began his career as an assistant in the Soybean pit in the early ‘80s, and moved on to wood products in 1994. Brian’s current role for RCM Ag Services is to serve as a Risk Analyst, specializing in the wood products sector. His customer base spans a large spectrum ranging from wood producers to home builders with all different types of risk management needs. Brian also assists with risk management within the currency and fuel sectors. Brian recently received an MA in Pastoral Studies at University of St. Mary of the Lake, and uses that to work with churches in low income neighborhoods in the Chicagoland area.

14 Nov 2019

Jeremey Frost

Jeremey Frost is a 20-year veteran in the risk management space, owner of Fearless Grain Marketing, and is also a Risk Manager with RCM. Since Fearless Grain Marketing “kicked off,” Jeremey has held true to his number one value in his work – ‘Helping the Farmer Be Successful.’ He works closely with direct to end users to capture a higher bid for the farmer. Jeremey put his heart and soul into working for the farmer and is constantly looking for more efficiency, productivity, and success for his customers. Jeremey created the Mock Trading Character Neutrol Nick and Covered Cal, which are utilized by Ed Usset, University of Minnesota.

His main focus is to provide the farmer risk management options through a variety of means while utilizing solid knowledge on grain marketing, negotiation in basis with spread understanding, option hedging along with several methodologies to assist famers in making decisions that make sense. Jeremey is happily married to Sherry for 17 years, with three wonderful children: Sebastian, Dani, and Christian. Jeremey absolutely loves spending time with his family. His values surround his customers being successful. He believes strongly in trust, honesty, integrity, and passion for success.

14 Nov 2019

Victor Gano

Victor is a graduate of Fort Hays State University with a degree in Business Administration. He is owner-operator of a large farm in northwest Kansas and understands the issues facing farmers in marketing crops. A commodity trader since 1987 and a broker since 2011, he has experienced both the highs and lows of commodity prices. When not trading commodities or farming he enjoys hiking the mountains surrounding Phoenix, AZ.

14 Nov 2019

Chase kennedy

Chase grew up in rural northwest Kansas where everything was based around farming; from the local coffee shops to the hometown ballgames, agriculture was the main topic of conversation. Chase’s family farms in Sheridan County gave him first-hand experience with the ups and downs of the farming economy. He was always interested in how the commodity markets worked and how they affected the farming decisions on a day-to-day basis, so when Chase graduated college from Fort Hays State University with an a degree in Agricultural Business, he knew he had to come back home. Chase currently works as a commodity broker for the branch office in his hometown of Hoxie, KS, as well as farming roughly 4,000 acres alongside his family.

14 Nov 2019

Jake Moss

Jake is born and raised in northwest Kansas, grew up on a farm, and attended Hoxie High School in 2007. He attended Kansas State University and graduated with a dual degree in finance and marketing in 2011. While in college, Jake got a Series 3 license and helped at his dad’s brokerage to learn the business. In 2014, Jake became an introducing broker and merged with RCM Ag where he helps clients develop marketing strategies for their farm. Jake still helps his dad and brother on the farm, and is a partner on the cow herd. Aside from agriculture, he is a big sports fan and loves to golf in the summers. Jake is married to Megan, and is a father to Camille and Madeline.

14 Nov 2019

Robert Preston

Rob Preston joined The Memphis, TN Branch of RCM Ag Services as an Associated Person (AP), in April of 2016, where he works with the Agriculture Hedging and Trading Operations Team. He brings over 35 years of experience in the commodities, futures and equities markets. Mr. Preston was a long time Associated Person with McVean Trading & Investments, A Futures Commission Merchant, (“FCM”) located in Memphis, TN.(1990-2015), and was formerly a Registered Representative of Hilltop Securities, a Registered Broker/Dealer based in Dallas, TX. (1994-2015). Prior to that he worked as a Registered Representative and Commodity Broker for Shearson, Lehman Hutton and Merrill Lynch. Mr. Preston graduated from Southern Methodist University, (“SMU”) in 1982 with a Bachelors Degree in Economics. He has been married to Suzanne D. Preston for 32 years and has 4 children and 1 grandchild.