The Leonard Lumber Report: The Fundamentals of our Market are Sound

The Leonard Lumber Report: The Fundamentals of our Market are Sound

Change for the Week:

May Futures:    1000.10 -39.60

Open Interest:   2503 -184

Commitment of Traders:   -105 industry longs -104 spec longs

The fundamentals of our market are sound. Repeat; the fundamentals are sound, and there is a strong backlog of business. More business appears every day, and the marketplace is accepting these price levels. That makes today’s market fundamentally sound. The issue is that a lot of that new business has already been bought, and there is prompt wood all over. That leads to the trade having to define its value areas. 

It is complicated to define value today. The manufacturing of this widget has too many components to peg a price to, and it wasn’t long ago we saw a survey that had 83% of respondents calling for a run back to $1,700. Today you have an industry frozen because of last Mays trade, and we end up with a sideways trade. 

The best way to judge price with so many outside issues is to look at the technical read and the trend. A picture is worth a thousand words — the futures market is in a firm channel down, and the high channel sits at $915 while the low end is at $640. This is a 3-month channel that is slow moving, and it could take a month to get to the $640 area. On the flip side, the market would need a change in dynamic to run through $914 and stay. 

Take a look at the chart below. A correction should close the gap above, which was left on Friday. If we don’t correct this by Wednesday, July may be back in the $600 quicker than most want.


Open Interest and Commitment of Traders

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