LEONARD LUMBER REPORT: The futures market sprang to life on Friday

LEONARD LUMBER REPORT: The futures market sprang to life on Friday


The futures market sprang to life on Friday, with May spiking to 620.50. It looks as if long-term buy stops were hit without any selling above. This market needed a little rattling. It wound itself tight into a small range while the cash market was busy daily. The premium did add to the buy side reluctance but a spike higher was brewing. Now what?

Weeks ago, we discussed the cash market needing to be the leader. Futures were already at a premium, and only the sell algo was trading. The cash side has been strong for a few weeks. The spring rally started early after the cash market suffered through January. That lag in business is showing up today. So, a combination of pent-up business and spring has helped keep the mills active.

This is not a supply-and-demand rally. The reduced supply has yet to be a factor in the trade. This is an accelerated fill-in. The buy side should see this as a warning to what a supply disruption could look like.


The technical picture is limited to short-term data. The focus today is on the RSI in May, which is sitting at 75.10%—other than that, the switch from the old contract to new has nullified a lot of data points. If we add in the older data, the market tells us there is a $80 downside and $200 upside.

Note: A commodity producer will only lose money for so long before retooling the strategy.


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